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Tragic Hero

Arthur P nullifyragon Fit For A great power? Arthur was crowned king non only at a young age but also completely unexpectedly. Arthur did non intercommunicate to be king, he was still a child and did not quality he was worthy of such a position. Arthurs lack of federal agency and trust in himself defines him as a king and his ability to rule. Arthurs dependency on other(a)s proves to be King Arthurs tragic geological fault. As a child Arthur was brought up as Sir Kay, his foster brothers, Squire. He grew up serving to others de objet dartds, it was never necessary for him to make his own decisions. Arthur serious did what he was told and tried to please Sir Kay.This flaw premier appears in the hold The Sword and the Circle, Sir Kay tried to examine credit for pulling the sword knocked out(p) of the st superstar when in reality Arthur had been the one to retrieve it. Sir Kay took all the glorification and was going to waive him to be unjustly crowned. Arthur did not spea k up or question Kays story He did not grow the credit he deserved until Sir Kay admitted to not being the one to piddle relinquished the sword. Even after Arthur was appointed king he did not make decisions on his own. He had Merlin by his cheek to do him. When Merlin left King Arthur to rule on his own Arthur did not know what to do.He was left in a state of uncertainty and drip into what seemed like depression. Also In the book The Sword and the Circle, Arthur disc all overs the love juncture between Lancelot and his wife, Guinevere, and punishes them both but Lancelot ends up rescuing Guinevere. Sir Lancelot asks for King Arthurs blessing and as much as Arthur would like to Gawain will not allow him to accept the apology. Later Sir Mordred and Sir Gawain convince Arthur to go to war against Lancelot. This leads to the splitting of the Knights of the cycles/second Table and the battle between Sir Mordred and King Arthur, which eventually lead to King Arthurs death.If Arth ur had stood by his decision and was not so easily convinced by Gawain the battle could have been avoided and Arthur could have changed the course of his and his kingdoms helping. On many other accounts King Arthurs decisions depended on the check of others, this being one of his tragic flaws freighter be held accountable for the fall of King Arthur and his Kingdom. Although technically Arthur was born to be king he did not possess the attributes to be one. He had to compensate in other ways to make up for his weakness, but overall this personality fluke immobilizes Arthur from proper the great king he had the potential to be.Tragic Hero* Macbeth as a tragic hero Discuss In Macbeth written by William Shakespeare, Macbeth who is the main face is a tragic hero that suffers from tragic flaw which is ambition in Macbeths character and that leads him to his downfall, A tragic hero character according to Aristotle must be moral, have virtues and suffers from Hamartia which is a f law in character that eventually leads to his defeat and downfall at the end of the play. Macbeth is a great person who was a brave warrior in improver a great leader who won several wars for his king as the dramatist shows him in the first pages of the play.Macbeth is great physically and morally, in one hand his physical skills achieved in the battle scenes as the dramatist shows him as a brave warrior who always achieve victory to his country withal he was called Brave Macbeth and Belladonnas bride groom, in the other hand Duncan his king well-likes, trusts and respects him because of his moral greatness and kindness and thats what makes his wife Lady Macbeth affirmed that he is morally great when she prescribes he is the too full of the milk of human kinds.Ambition is the tragic flaw / Hamartia of Macbeth which leads to his defeat he was abnormal by the prophecies of the three witches. However the first prophecy of the three witches fulfilled and that Macbeth will be the Thane of Cawdor this was the first yard for Macbeth to be ambition to the liking of befitting a king.Here begins the evil side of Macbeth to show as he changes from being a noble man to evil one, he has virtues and morals at the beginning of the play and he was honourable man who was respected and admired by his king and thence he became an evil man who want to do anything just to take the crown for himself and be the king instead of Duncan, this clarify that he is awake(predicate) of what he has done and he move the tragic mistake capable eyed.In addition his wife Lady Macbeth was very interested in becoming a Queen so she starts to encourages and convinces him to decide upon a solution which can makes them be a King and Queen, she succeed in convincing him that his fate is to be the king, which made him kill the king Duncan, that shows the character of Lady Macbeth as a very ambition woman who was determine that Macbeth must be the king. After Macbeth committed the first ha tred of killing the kind Duncan Macbeths character begin to overthrow and he starts to become upset from the idea that he become a murderer and he begin to say that all he water in the world cannot wash Duncan rent of his hands, this shows that he starts to realize the guilt that has been done by him and the crime affected him that he starts to imagine Duncans murder scene over and over which shows the reversal of his character and that he didnt care about the consequences of the crime at the beginning but now he realize what hes done was terrible, besides after he killed Banquo half of him wishes that he had never done the murders and the other half tells him that he already committed the crimes and he cannot go back and whats done cannot be undone.

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