Friday, March 22, 2019

Relationships in Elizabeth Barrett Brownings poem If Thou Must Love Me, Let It Be For Naught :: If Thou Must Love Me Let It Be For Naught

Relationships in Elizabeth Barrett Brownings verse form If Thou must Love Me, Let It Be For NaughtThe relationships between men and women live with always been a widely talked roughly subject. Each gender wonders what it would be like to be the different and experience things the way that the other would. custody and women most likely wont ever comprehend each other and well-nigh propagation wont be able to wonder the person that loves them. Elizabeth Barrett Brownings poem If Thou must Love Me, Let It Be For Naught explains how women hurt men. Another poet, Maya Angelou, writes about how men hurt women. However, that doesnt mean that other couples cant get along. Gwendolyn Brooks wrote a poem, called The Bean Eaters, about how men and women can live with each other for very long periods of time. The relations between men and women are a steady-going deal times very complex, but they can also be simple. well-nigh women discover that finding the right man is rather difficu lt. In Brownings poem, she writes of a young women who is talking about a man that loves her. She finds that she doesnt really love him and when trying to explain it to him says this, If thou must love me, let it be for naught/ Except for loves sake only (260, lines 1-2). The woman in the poem knows that this man loves her and she believes that he loves her only for her smile- her look- her way of speaking gently (260, lines3-4) and that isnt good enough for her. The women tells the man good-bye and she gives her final words, Thou mayst love on, with loves eternity (260, line 14). The woman tells him he will find some one new, some one who will love him back.Even though physical pain can be hurtful, psychological pain is sometimes worse. In the poem To a Husband by Maya Angelou, a woman is being verbally abused by her husband. His voice at times a fist (254, line1), his words hurt her as would a perforate in the stomach or a slap to the face. She does not understand why he is doi ng this to her. Men have their ways of talking to women to reinforcement them submissive and under control. Men talk down to their wives and make them compute that they are dumb and have no value except to pitch to the children and the house.

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