Sunday, March 17, 2019

Christian Justice and Righteousness Essay -- Martin Luther, theology, s

As a reformer, Martin Luther certainly changed the world of the Church. Would you say that his opposition to the vivacious religious authority of his day could be justified from a biblical standpoint? How might it not? Which biblical principles affect your own responsibleness to promote justice and righteousness when such actions come into conflict with an naturalized order? The actions of Martin Luther in the 1500s have reached almost mythical stature among Christians. Luthers industrial plant had much more radical consequences than he could have foreseen as he first challenged the existing church. He sparked a revolution of thought, a breakout from the Roman Catholic Church system and a return to a faith based upon Scripture alone. Though Martin Luthers choices were for an essential cause and brought fanciful results, a question must be answered before Christians can rightfully call him a hero of the faith. The question is this Was Luthers challenge of his earthly politi cal science justifiable by the scripture? The answer is not instantly obvious, nor do the Scriptur...

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