Saturday, February 16, 2019

Essay on War -- Politics Conflict Battle War

Essay on struggle fight has been a part of military man culture since its birth. It has led to a gravid many massacres and has shown us the evil that exists at heart the souls of humanity. Some have still gone as far as saying that struggle is human nature. To better understand the reasons behind state of war and how it affects others, Ive examined several different societies and cultures so as to better understand the necessity of war and see the hit of their external war location. To do so, different multivariates from two topics (military institutions and external war attitude) were matched up and crossed so as to look into the answers to these questions. The variables were then mensurable and through these graphs, I was able to find different societies in which these variables apply to. The different variables that I looked into were that of hostility toward other societies, acceptability of violence toward slew in other societies, decision to engage in war, leadershi p during battle, and the take to be of war violence against non-members or groups. It is through looking into these variables that Id resembling to runnel my hypothesis on how a countries holdings and military prowess causes more of an war-ridden external war attitude towards surrounding countries and societies. With this in mind, Id too like to look further into each culture to see if the greatness of universe a warrior increases the aggression on the outside peoples.Through my research of the heterogeneous variables, I came across several different societies that scored highly on my variable chart. To further test my hypothesis, Ive taken these various variables and researched them through different societies to all prove or disprove m hypothesis.SomalisMy research begins with the Somalis. Th... external war attitude. I was also incorrect in that I forgot to include within my hypothesis that the leaders outlook of the situation and how the expansion of their militar y and their holdings would also bring about a different outtake on how their war attitude would be. So in conclusion, these societies have shown me that the main reason for these societies going into war was their hope of gaining prestige, wealth, and a greater territory. Its something that is not much different than now. later on all, its human nature. Works CitedKeen, Benjamin The Aztec Image in Western estimation Rutgers University 1971Tooker, Elisabeth The Huron 1965Buck, Peter The Coming of the Maori 1962Muir, Lucy Philip An African People in the 20th century 1934Baxter P.T.W.& A.Butt Azande and Related Peoples of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan and the Belgian Congo(1953)

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