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A Good Samaritan Law is Never a Good Idea Essay -- Argumentative Persu

A levelheaded Samaritan Law is Never a Good IdeaLess than one year ago, the largest television consultation since the series finale of M*A *S*H tuned in to watch the last episode of Seinfeld As the nation watched, Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer said valedictory with the arrest, trial, and conviction of violating a Good Samaritan law. While this made for a screaming(prenominal) television show, this law itself seems to some(prenominal) contradict its essence as wellhead as violate the right to freedom of choice of a citizen. The Good Samaritan law, which requires a bystander to provide aid to those who are in harms way if there is no apparent immediate danger to the bystander, encroaches upon the rights of a citizen. This law is an inexcusable violation of American civil liberties and should be enato a greater extentd from the records, leaving only peoples incorrupt compasses as their guide. The ethics of this law is relatively simple help those in trouble. Generally conj unction seems to consider it a moral obligation to prevent the injury of another(prenominal) person, sometimes even at risk to ones self. tribe who do not help others in need are a great deal bad examples for the rest of the world. For example, in Charles Dickenss classic A Christmas Carol, Ebeneezer Scrooge is infamous for his selfishness and disregard for the well-being of others such as curtsey Cratchett and his family (barely paying him and not allowing him more than a day for Christmas). Scrooges partner, Jacob Marley, is damned for the same type of crimes. The only path to redemption for Ebeneezer is done helping others who are in need giving food to the Cratchetts and feel for for a sickly Tiny Tim. While Scrooge had a moral reason to help others, there was no Constitutional burden to do so. If the federal... ...ce call buttons more accessible to the public since many are automatic to contact the law enforcement officials. Although Jerry and Elaine can not seem to prov ide more than a few jokes when seeing their fellow man in trouble, the majority of Americans seem to be willing to help. Despite several incidents to the contrary, the morals of virtually people will guide them. These less-talked-about occasions in which people called the police, let out for help, or even tried to physically stop attackers outweigh the deaf(p) few. With these facts in mind, this law presents unacceptable violations of the freedom of liberty. Ultimately, then, Good Samaritan laws are both unnecessary and dangerous. Bibliography Good Samaritan Laws are Questionable. alt.politics.lawenforcenieflt.Ca.Com (12 October 1998) Rapist-Murderer Case. (03 September 1998).

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