Friday, August 9, 2019

Real Courage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Real Courage - Essay Example I am normally a very outgoing person and within a few days, I had made many friends, among who was Tim, who would eventually become my closest friend. Tim was shorter than me and with a smaller build and I had heard rumors that he was often a victim of bullying. I had not witnessed the bullying firsthand and Tim always refused to talk about it whenever I asked. I therefore thought that it was nothing serious until one day after school, I saw Tim being beaten up by an older kid. He was much bigger than I was and despite my desire to stop him, I was suddenly afraid and instead of going to Tim’s aid, I pretended that I had not seen him and went home. For several days afterwards, I did not have peace because I realized that I had been in a position to do the right thing and help my friend yet I had not had the courage to do so. I felt very ashamed for failing Tim and I did my best to avoid him as much as I could because I could not look him in the eye. However, not long afterwards, as I was heading home from school, I saw Tim being beaten up by the same bully and for the first time, instead of being overwhelmed by fear, I felt an anger that I had never felt before rising inside me. All the frustration and shame that I had felt for many days came rushing forward and I suddenly went for the bully. My sudden onslaught and its ferocity must have taken the bully by surprise because he did not defend himself and against all my expectations, he turned and ran. I was so furious that I chased him for an entire block before I became too tired to follow. I went back to see whether Tim was alright and he was so dumbstruck by my actions that he at first did not answer me. However, after his initial shock, he told me that he was fine and then he told me the story about why he was always the bully’s victim. The bully, named Tony, always demanded Tim’s lunch money and whenever he did not have it, Tony would ambush him after school. I later came to realize that

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