Thursday, August 22, 2019

Questionnaire results Essay Example for Free

Questionnaire results Essay The questionnaire is an essential part of our research it gives us an insight to what people think. The questionnaire was randomly given out to males and females. More females had answered our questionnaire which does not matter as long as we have the views of the males as well. It can be seen that a variety of ages were asked to do the questionnaire. This shows us we will get a variety of results. We asked Do you eat Ice cream? 85% of the people said Yes. This question was vital for us because we are selling Ice Cream. The outcome of the results is good because we had more than 50% saying Yes. The question How often do you eat Ice Cream? was asked so we can see if Ice Cream is popular within people. Most people said they eat Ice Cream once a month. This is not good as we would like people to come to our Ice Cream parlour. We would have to promote our business to get customers to come to our Ice Bar. We had asked a variety of flavours. The most popular flavour was chocolate this shows us which flavours we can order and how many litres we would need to buy. We had also asked people if there were any other flavours they like; we did get a few people with more flavours. These flavours do not seem popular but we can try them. We asked Do you visit Ice Cream parlour? majority of the results were No. This is not good for our business, but it can be understood that there are not a lot of Ice Cream parlours. In the area we are to open Ice Bar there are none at all. So this is good for us but then there is a lot of competition due to a lot of food businesses. We will need to advertise our business to let people know we are open and we sell Ice Cream. We got more promising results when we asked Would you visit your local Ice Cream parlour. A majority people of people said Yes. So this is good for our business. At least we can see from the results that people would visit an Ice Cream parlour if available to them. Every business needs a name. We came up with a few ideas for our business but could not decide which one to have because four of the ones we chose we liked. As we are partners we could not agree on the same name so we decided to let the public decide which name is better suited. It can be seen Ice Bar was the popular name. So we had decided to go with this name for our business. By researching which areas are better to locate our business with the help of the above criteria, we decided to locate on Ecclesall Road as this is close to the city centre with a high density of both residential and business premises. Ecclesall Road is a predominantly student area. This will start of with a good client base from which we can build from. It is vital that the Ice Bar has both a shop front facing on the main street, and a visible separate entrance. The premises we have found is located on Ecclesall Road as intended to. The property details are as follows on the next page. The property is easily accessible, public transportation is available as it is on a main road Plan of Ice Bar The layout of the area of the Ice Bar must be made easy for customers and waiters/waitresses to move freely. The kitchen must comply with all the Health Safety requirements, but at the same time all implements should be set out within easy reach of preparations areas. Food prepared in advance must be stored in the freezer, which should also be in easy reach of the preparation area. In the plan you can see this is done. To enter the parlour there are double doors which will make easier access for people and more space for people to get in and out. This will be most necessary when Ice Bar is going to be busy. We have a main bar in the parlour which designed to for a modern and different look. As there was more space we decided to place another bar which faces the window. So it will also show the parlour is big and welcomes a lot of customers. As we are in a student area we decided to have a corner in the room where people of any ages to come and relax with a table could do some work if wanted to? Behind the main bar is a worktop where we are to make the ice creams. We cannot make the ice creams on the main bar as this would make the customers feel we were intruding into their privacy. There is more space on the worktop and jus in case of any spills this could be helpful. On the worktop there are to be placed a few of the glasses to show the customers the size of them. It would be quicker an all. There is an entrance to the store room where all the ingredients to make Ice Cream Sundaes are. The shelving is used for storing the toppings and sauces and spare Ice Cream glasses. The large freezer is to be placed in the store room. The reason for this is that there is not enough space to keep it on the shop floor. The freezer is an industrial freezer so the appearance of it will be unattractive. Quality Assurance Quality assurance is a planned and well-organised pattern of all actions necessary to provide sufficient confidence that the product or service meets the customers expectations. Training Our quality assurance will consist of a course of training for all our staff. Each staff member will be taken aside and informed of all the information they will need to learn. They will then be tested on this and their score will be recorded on a training record card. All staff will also be trained in how to create the sundaes and present them to a high standard. Staff must complete a basic food hygiene course before they can participate in making the desserts.

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