Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Evidence-Based Practice Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Evidence-Based Practice - Coursework Example Polit and Beck (2006) argue that, not all research is of the high standard or the same quality and thus, nurses should not just take evidence-based practice at its face value although published. In my review and critique, I will first appraise the limitations and strengths of a given piece of literature to determine its applicability and credibility to the nursing profession (Valente, 2003). A cross-examination of the limitations of the work of literature of the evidence-based practice should thus, not be viewed as a disparagement of the ability of a researcher, but as strength aimed at validating that work of research. Secondly, I will review the research questions of the evidence-based practice. Valente (2003) argues that, research questions can be sub-divided into credibility variables and integrity variables and thus, used as a critiquing tool for analyzing an evidence-based practice. Therefore, as a nurse, I will review the research questions of the research to determine the credibility and applicability of the practice in the nursing profession e.g. through either the integrity variables, which analyze and evaluate the process of the evidence-based practice or credibi lity variables, which focus on the background qualifications of the researcher. It is also important to examine at the literature review of a given evidence based practice to determine whether the practice draws evidence from the literature of recent origin. A viable and reliable evidence-based practice should draw literature evidence from current researches especially from primary sources that are of an empirical nature. A practice can be rendered obsolete, incredible, and inapplicable in the nursing profession if it lacks sufficient backing evidence. In addition, I will cross-examine the theoretical framework of the practice to determine whether an appropriate and adequate conceptual framework

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