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Critically analyse the challenges faced when developing and Essay

Critically analyse the challenges faced when developing and inplementing an information system - Essay Example 123-127). The essay will start from the definition of the IS which will lay down the foundation stone for the forthcoming analysis. It will also discuss the current situation in the implementation of IS. Some of the other discussions will revolve around the factors which play a part in the implementation of IS as well as various challenges that exist in developing and implementation process. Some of the previous research papers on this topic will also be the discussion grounds. Information system is the complete studies of networks of software and hardware that are used by people in an organisation to collect, filter, create and distribute the data that is obtained. The main aim of the information system is to support the operations, help the management in making decisions. In a company the IS has become an integral, interactive online tool which is present in every operation performed in the organisation (Lucey, 2005, pp. 144-147). The IS has been able to alter the economic conditions of the organisation because of its importance and presence in every step. It can help the organisation in the following ways. IS also affects the cost and the quality of the information that is transferred. It helps the company to shrink in size as it helps in reducing the transaction costs which in turn also reduces the production cost of the company (Grant et al., 2010, pp. 123-127). This essay looks towards various theories and concepts to analyse the factors which influence the implementation of IS and to identify the challenges faced when developing and implementing an information system. This particular study will enhance in better understanding of the concept of IS where the information regarding the evolution and also the importance of the IT in any organisation is studied from various articles, books and so on. This essay is

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