Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Reserach Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Reserach - Essay Example This occurs when the given researchers become more curious in establishing or increasing one’s knowledge and understanding the given topic. Exploration also assists an academic research to unveil new or related but undisclosed facts about the given field of study. Research also helps in description of phenomenon not known or well understood by particular individuals. Descriptive research tell clarifies the orientation of facts about particular field and their significance in the given field of study additionally, research helps in explanation of concepts by answering questions such as how, when, what and where. Effectiveness of nay research relies on its validity and the underlying purpose of the given research. Effective research should answer or present viable solution to certain definitive and real problems faced in particular field of study. Researches have common characteristics underscored from the terms used during collection to presentation of data. Data in a research work refers to the investigated and unprocessed information. Data collection refers to the process of exploring, investigating and recording of information during research. Data collection may involve various activities like sampling, experimentation, questioning, interviewing and case studying. Data analysis involves synthesis of the gathered information to produce viable and reliable conclusion about the study. Sampling in research involves selection or taking part of the research sample to move and accomplish the investigation. Experimentation in a research work entails organization and carrying of experiments using the collected samples. Experimentation is a common procedure in accomplishing scientific researches and usually carried in science laboratories. Case study is a common research technique employed when investigating business organizations and processes. Case study focuses on the business’ organization, leadership, marketing

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