Thursday, September 26, 2019

Compare or contrast Ken Albala's Eating Right in The Renaissance with Essay

Compare or contrast Ken Albala's Eating Right in The Renaissance with Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign - Essay Example This paper will compare the main theme of Albala’s book, that of dietary concerns and political activity with the Lets Move campaign started and ran by Michelle Obama. Albala states that diet and Political stability are interconnected, a fact that is illustrated by Michelle’s campaign. The First Lady’s campaign is targeted at reducing the overall rate of obesity in children in the United States by advocating for healthier eating habits and active lifestyles. The first comparison between the First Lady’s campaign and Albala’s theme is the actions by Obama to associate with the public. The First Lady’s campaign is a method of mingling with the population, which serves to increase the political influence of the President. The use of the First Lady as a promotional campaign serves to increase the notion that the White House and the political elite are concerned with the health and wellbeing of the population. Albala’s assertion that diet and political stability are interconnected is also true since it can be eluded that a healthy population has less time to find the negative effects of the political regime. From the photos in the Let’s Move campaign, Michelle’s efforts are seen as she tries to encourage the youth to plant gardens, which constitutes extra activity. The use of extra activity serves to reduce obesity rates in the population. The connection between the work of Michelle Obama and the author is also seen in the economic performance that the campaign has instigated. Albala states that there is a connection between the economic performance of a commonwealth with the food habits in the population, and from the reaction to the Let’s Move Campaign, this assertion is confirmed. The reaction of food manufacturers to Obama’s work included the actions by manufacturers and retailers to reduce sugar, salt and fat in in

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