Friday, September 27, 2019

How I can enrich the University of Boulder's diverse and inclusive Personal Statement

How I can enrich the University of Boulder's diverse and inclusive community and what are my hopes for my college experience - Personal Statement Example Since my parents raised me to be a pacifist and use my words instead of my fists or angry facial expressions while I try to get an important message across to others, I learned to develop a soft spoken way of dealing with even the worst of my opponents. This soft spoken way of mine has allowed me to easily find a way to get along with others because I learned how to become a very good listener who, rather than engaging in a lengthy debate or argument, would rather find a common ground that we could agree on and get along with each other based upon that. It is not difficult to get along with people once you learn how to listen and compromise. I fully intend to share those character traits of mine with my classmates in the hopes of helping narrowing the communication gap between the haves and have not students on campus. I also wish to become involved in various student organizations and clubs while I am enrolled at UCB. My parents raised me to become a leader rather than a follower but that is not to mean that I will find it difficult to become a follower instead. Rather, I will always work with the group towards the betterment of our activities and the promotion of our group mission, vision, and objectives at all times. I feel that by participating in this activity, I will also be able to help other new students ease into college life as well. My parents often praise me for being so persistent about anything that I wish to undertake and accomplish as a person. They say that persistence seems to be my middle name in this case and it is not something that they tried to quash in my personality because my persistence always resulted in my learning to become a better person based upon my failures or successes in life. I grant that most people would describe me to be a perfectionist in life. I cannot help it. I believe it comes from my being so persistent about things that need to get done. I will

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