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Short answers Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Short answers - Assignment Example s under threat from the middle class who come between the ruling royal family and the subjects therefore creating a friction between kings and subjects. While the US Republic Party proposes to introduce legislations in different economic sectors, the principles of laissez-faire notes introduction of legislations in the manufacturing industry was to blame for the improvisation for many in the country. 12. How did the economic situation in Germany at the 1848 Revolutions differ from that of England and France according to Friedrich Engels analysis of that region in chapter I of his commentary on those revolutions? In Germany the feudal system was still prevalent compared to England and France where its influence had reduced while the bourgeoisie in Germany were not as wealthy as was the case in both England and France. 13. What was the connection between the financial problems of the Kingdom of Prussia in 1848 and the political demands of the middle classes in that state as described in chapter II of Engel’s study? 14. Why, according to Engels in chapter III, was there a close relationship between opposition to orthodox Protestant or Catholic religious practice and belief and political opposition of the governments of the smaller German states of the 1840s? Religion whether catholic or protestant was considered part of the law and therefore to oppose the church was like opposing the government this means calls to break away from the main church would also be linked to calls for formation of smaller German states. 16. How, according to Engels’ chapter VI, did the Prussian Democrats under who took direction of government in that state in March 1848 divide the from the working class and peasant populations who up-risings had created the revolution? 18. Identify reasons why, according to Anarchist thinker Emma Goldman in Marriage and Love (1911), most women are reduced to base motivations, economic dependency upon men and general unhappiness within

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