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Concept of Human Nature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Concept of Human Nature - Essay Example It is the confirmation of friendship or competition that we will concern with. In the bygone eras, there were wars and rumors of war. There were those who went to fight battles and returned as heroes. Then there were those who fought battles but did not return. There were also those who masterminded plans of action for the furtherance of kingdom. And there were others who masterminded treacheries. Scores were settled in the process of wars and battles. The charade was so well knit and appeared so real that none noticed the element of treachery in the episode. Sometimes the plans boomeranged on those who engineered the plots. The plots were so brilliantly drawn and executed that it was not till the final act was over one could perceive anything amiss. However, in the end, some way or the other, the executor of the treachery was exposed and divine justice settled the scores with just retribution (Song of Roland). Not all the scenarios ended in bloodbath. There were those who spent time in soliloquy and reflection. They were men and women of foibles and passions like the rest of mankind. They laughed and cried in their childhood. They embraced in lust in their adolescence and they went in the worldly way of business. But they remembered their ways. They felt something amiss. They knew that they had crossed the boundaries of decency at such a time and place. The peace had departed from them and they were like caged animals. They lived in the open air, but they felt the iron bars around them. They constantly felt the pricks of their emotions like swords after their souls. Then they had to break down. They had to open up (The Confessions of J.J. Rousseau). Destiny with God After all the things are said and done, the end comes with a mixture of sadness and happiness. The secret thoughts are hardly spoken. The matters of the heart are kept very closely guarded secrets. The keepers of secret do so for a reason. They dread to speak about their longings and desires. They hide them away like treasures. They wait for the end. They know the opportune time will come. The fear is there that the end might not come according to their plans. There is the lingering fear that the object of their desires might go the opposite way. They pursue the goal of their desires with all diligence. Sometimes they come so close that they could grasp it with their arms. But they must wait. The right time has not arrived. They must pine away some more time. Ultimately they reach their goal. The time is now ripe. They could count the cost. They could look back and see the long and arduous journey. Many died on the way. There is the tinge of sadness around the joy of triumph. They have won the war, but at the cost of some battles. One cannot undo the trysts of destiny. One has to march on. There are some miles yet to go. One cannot march on without having learnt to bear the gains and losses of a journey. It is enough that you have come so far. We must learn to wait to see what is yet to come (Racine). Conclusion There are those that scheme and plot to have circumstances go their way. They succeed many times. Then there are those who make sincere plans and goals and work at achieving them. They may or may not succeed. It is fine if they

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