Wednesday, July 24, 2019

COMUNICATION Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

COMUNICATION - Coursework Example A skill that I am very excited about improving is people skills. People skills involve a wide range of interpersonal skills including assertion skills, collaboration, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills. I am very excited about improving my people skills because doing so will make a better professional. People skills help people in business because they enable the person to adapt to the situation based on the audience the person is communicating with. For example a manager can use his people skills to persuade a supplier to lower their prices. People skills can benefit people from any professional background. Doctors utilize people skills to gain the trust of their patients. Once this occurs the doctor will have a returning client. I need to make improvements in my people skills to improve my ability to interact with other students. In college a lot of learning takes place outside of the classroom. Students with good people skills are able to interact with all types of pe rsons in an effective manner. I realized that in order for me to succeed in the business world I have to improve my people skills due to fact that these skills are valuable tools that can enhance a person’s career opportunities. People skills can help me improve my interactions in everyday life. People skills can help me achieve better results when dealing with governmental employees.

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