Thursday, April 16, 2020

A Review of Writing an Argumentative Essay For Dummies by Ronald A. James

A Review of Writing an Argumentative Essay For Dummies by Ronald A. JamesWriting an argumentative essay for Dummies is a fantastic book. It's written by one of the most renowned professors in the country, Dr. Ronald A. James. He has been known to teach and write articles for many major media organizations, including CNN, ABC News, CNBC, NPR, and MSNBC.This author is also a great teacher and lecturer. He is the author of two books on teaching argumentative essays, and he was a professor of History at Berkeley for over ten years.The most interesting aspect of this book is its chapter on 'Argument Structure'. It begins with an overview of the topic in order to educate the reader about what it takes to write an argumentative essay and how to start each sentence properly.The second part of the book is titled 'Defining Terms' and is devoted to the very important skills of defining terms. The concept of getting your audience to 'get it' is absolutely necessary to succeed in any type of acad emic situation. It is not enough for a reader to have an idea.If a student cannot understand what the author is trying to convey, it is useless for them to continue reading the entire paper. This section of the book teaches the reader how to define words in order to communicate clearly and in the most effective way possible. This is an invaluable skill that every writer should master.The third and final part of the book focuses on 'Writing the Essay Properly'. The concepts discussed in the previous two sections are taken and discussed and all of the previous information is distilled into one short article. The end result is a well-written essay that is sure to get the desired results.It is quite apparent that Dr. James and his students are very passionate about teaching and they share their knowledge freely to anyone who will listen. Writing an argumentative essay for Dummies is one of the best books you can purchase on the subject and it will definitely be worth your money.If you h ave just begun to learn how to write a well-crafted argument, then this book will help you. Its chapters provide a variety of ways to make your argumentative essay stand out among the rest.

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