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Technology and the American Dream - 1863 Words

Technology and The American Dream The idea that no matter where you start in life you have opportunity to work hard and gain prosperity and success, is also known as the American Dream. Which nowadays seems to be an almost dying if not already totally dead concept. Something seen only in fairy tales and movies and not really so much in real life. In these days and times it seems as though it does not matter how hard you work, but rather the people you know, that decide whether you will have the opportunity to be successful or not. But if you are just an everyday person how exactly are you supposed to go about making those connections with people that really matter? The ones that can really help you? It almost seems like if you†¦show more content†¦His dream finally began to come together in 2009 when his videos captured the interest of a manager who then contacted him and helped him in the process of meeting the right people. He met with Usher who took him to meet L.A. Reid and then got him signed to Isl and Def Jam Recordings. He then released his first album, and went platinum just two months later. Using technology Justin was able to broadcast his talent to the world, get discovered, and to create a fanbase.These things were eventually the foundations for his fame. To this day his original fans continue to be his biggest supporters and they help to keep him successful. Not only was he blessed in his rise to fame, but the speed in which he achieved it all is remarkable as well. Without the Internet and technology his probability of ever getting the chance to meet any of those big name record labels would have been next to zero and his fanbase would probably have never have achieved the size that it is now. Perhaps an even greater example of technology’s influence on the music industry is told with the story of the british boyband One Direction. They were first introduced to the world when they appeared as individual contestants on the U.K.’s The X Factor, but as individual contestants they didn’t make it very far in the competition. Their first lucky break from even beingShow MoreRelatedThe American Dream In James T. Adamss The American Dream1220 Words   |  5 Pagesphrase â€Å"The American Dream† was popularized by James T. Adams in his book Epic of America. The meaning of the American Dream has changed overtime but still has the same idea: anything is achievable if you work for it, regardless of your financial or social standpoint. The twentieth century was filled with Americans in the working class motivated by the popularized phrase. People wanted to work and improve their positions, but suddenly, everything changed. The American dream turned merely a dream; a literalRead More The American Dream: Life, Liberty and Freedom Essay1219 Words   |  5 PagesThe basic idea of the American Dream generally has stayed the same throughout time, although the majority of Americans seem to take the Dream for granted. The first settlers arrived to the New World in search of a treasure: life, liberty, and freedom. This treasure was and still is the American Dream. Now people from all over the world come to America in search of the same Dream; some even die trying. People were not as materialistic as people are now; they just wanted happiness. As time passed,Read MoreThe Valley Of Opportunity By Robert Noyce1607 Words   |  7 PagesThe Valley of Opportunity What is the American Dream? Usually, for most people the American Dream is working hard enough to be able to live prosperously. But has the meaning of the American Dream changed, so that in order to achieve it one must become wealthy and gain success. The type of people that are most often identified, as having achieved the American Dream are entrepreneurs who create successful and innovative companies, not the everyday middle class man. The stories of these successfulRead MoreLiving The American Dream Through The Ages993 Words   |  4 Pages Living the American Dream through the Ages Life is changing everyday, America’s question today is if the American Dream is attainable or not. The answer to this question is yes, it is attainable. With evolution, the American dream has been modified throughout the years. It is defined as â€Å"the idea that the American way of life offers the possibility of unlimited economic, social, etc success to every individual† (The Chambers Dictionary). Many people called the American Dream, the â€Å"good life†. StartingRead MoreThe Great Gatsby And The American Dream Essay791 Words   |  4 PagesAmerican culture has been described as a â€Å"melting pot†. This means that everyone has incorporated their specific opinionated types of cultures and mixed it all into America. American culture was a slower-paced, slower communicating, and a better relationship filled culture. American culture has evolved into a faster communicating, better educated, and fast-paced culture. American culture is going to evolve i nto where we will barely talk in person and it will be less natural to talk face-to-face becauseRead MoreThe Evolution And Purpose Of The American Dream1741 Words   |  7 PagesThe Evolution and Purpose of the American Dream Across the economically, ethnically, and socially diverse United States, millions of unlike Americans share the same desire to overcome the vast array of obstacles the modern day era presents in the hopes of becoming the ideal member of society. Looking back at multiple generations, evidence of this drive to succeed can be found in the roots of society’s progression. This omnipresent goal that motivates the population to build sustainable lives hasRead MoreThe American Dream By Robert D. Putnam877 Words   |  4 Pagesalso the best description of American Dream. However, is this so-called â€Å"dream† actually achievable? It has always been a controversial topic for the world. But some immigrants did succeed after they can to America, but others argues that since the time has long passed this American dream is now only a dream. Nevertheless, in my own point of view, the American dream still remains achievable, yet it gets harder than ever given our unstable economy/soc iety, technology advancement and inequality. Read MoreThe American Dream1678 Words   |  7 PagesThe American Dream is an idea that has always been different throughouttime. It changes in diverse forms and in the end involves success. The American Dream was a phrase used by the American people and peoplewanting to become American. It was always the idea that you can become a success. This is true in a partial way, but the true American Dream is that with somework and determination anyone can build themselves up in the economic classsystem. The 80 s was an eye opener to a lot of newRead MoreThere Will Come Soft Rains1088 Words   |  5 Pagesbeen decimated by atomic bombings and humans have been wiped from the Earth. Symbolism plays a huge role in demonstrating Bradbury’s theme for his story, which is that achieving the American Dream will quickly turn into a nightmare if we allow our arrogance and ignorance to dominate, if we continue to push technology and innovation our happily ever after will be nothing but an inscription left on a wall. Written in 1950, Bradbury has imagined the world in 2026 in the story titled August 2026:Read MoreDeath Of A Salesman by Arthur Miller Essay670 Words   |  3 Pagesfollow the American dream and he chose to lead the life it gave him. Willy made the American dream his culture, and the American dream made Willy its victim. The American dream is the belief that through sheer hard work alone, any man can gain professional success and thus receive personal gain (wealth, brand name goods etc.). Failure to fulfil the American dream, is failure in life. Willy Loman is stuck in a vicious cycle brought on by the American dream. He cannot

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