Sunday, November 3, 2019

Science lab Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Science lab - Assignment Example Between 1900 and 2000 the world’s population increased by six billion and industrialization was at its peak (Wright & Boorse, 2010). Vast piece of land has been cleared to accommodate settlement and agriculture. All this contributed to 90% decline in ground water. The trend of environmental degradation came to limelight in 1962 when Rachael Carson wrote a book called silent spring. Later, in 1972 report named limit to growth and another known as our common future in 1987 by Brundtland commission were published (Wright & Boorse, 2010). It was due to these three major publications that influenced the adoption of the ideology knows as sustainable development. For clear evidence of the previous state of the environment, it was mandatory I review map and analyze them. The satellite vegetation maps showing the vegetation cover from 1800 to date and human settlements map over the same duration of time was a fundamental source of data for this study. Further, geological data on the trend of ground water was also influential in this study. Therefore, the major method of date collection was map reading and analysis. In 1900 through to 2000, the world population has increased by six billion. Because of the high population increase, there was the need to find means to fend for the need of this large number, which led to clearing of forest by 90% to create space for settlement and cultivation. It was also during this time that the European countries and America engaged in high industrial activities, which tremendously impacted on the environment. Forest cover, which plays a role in enhancing hydrological cycle had reduced, meaning that rain had also reduced (Wright & Boorse, 2010). In this line, the amount of water that percolated through the soil profile to recharge the ground water was reduced by half. Since the developments of environmental policies, there have been attempts to reverse the damage that happened in 1900. In this pursuit, forest

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