Monday, October 7, 2019

Surveillant assemblages Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Surveillant assemblages - Essay Example Nowadays in the streets of London, the general public is not too much worried about the effects of CCTV monitoring. Erosion of privacy for the average citizen is not a reality. But for those who widely look towards the social benefits of surveillance, the notion that people are becoming inured to the gaze of the camera in a worrisome matter. Another interesting development in this area is that the authorities have started to equip cameras with loud speakers. This allows human monitors to caution people caught littering or brawling on the street. These types of cameras cannot be ignored like the ordinary cameras but there are critics who say that theses cameras cross the line from prevention of crime into public bullying. According to experts the next generation cameras that are used for surveillance in the streets of London will be equipped wit computer software that can judge suspicious behavior that can lead towards a crime.The London police have started to use this technology very effectively. This same technology is also pursued by the London traffic authorities to track and charge vehicles that enter the congestion zone The city of London has spent nearly 200 million pounds for the installation of CCTV,s in each and every part of the city. The proportion of crimes committed in the city is going up and not down. Cases of solving crimes are vastly going down. Ironically some places where there are more cameras installed have a record of worse crime solving rates. There are now more than 10000 cameras.

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